About Naomi

Naomi is not only a Professional Organizer, but your biggest cheerleader in the battle against crowded rooms, disorganization and clutter!

She began her business in 2010, as a way of helping others to create the home environment that they have been longing for.  The name came from her own desire to continuously check out the area she had just organized.

Her primary goal is to find a system that will work best for her client, as there is no “one size fits all solution”.  She prides herself on being patient, creative and frugal.  The latter is especially true, as she will first look around her client’s home for organizational products that  might work well in a different application, and therefore save her client the expense of buying anything that they won’t need.

Naomi is a proud member of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, and it’s local Greater Philadelphia Chapter, where she is in her third term as Secretary of the Board.  She was also recently inducted into the Golden Circle of NAPO, a distinction for members who have surpassed 5 years in business.

Naomi lives in Devon with her cat, Pumpkin, and enjoys working on mosaic projects and looking for bargains at flea markets in her spare time.

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